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Discount 2021 Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood Online

2021 Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood

2021 Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood

2021 Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood The ultra-premium Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Metal also features an optimized more

2021 Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood The ultra-premium Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Metal also features an optimized M.O.I. and CG location that allows the club to produce a ball flight that boasts both higher launch and lower spin properties. This makes the clubhead more forgiving with a tight dispersion and maximized distance. With the Ridgeback support system, Carbon Wings, and Diamond Face 2.0 leading the way to Tour Edgeís most advanced fairway ever produced. Ridgeback Technology Directly in line with the Exotics C721 Driver, Ridgeback technology is featured on the Exotics 721 Series fairway metal and acts an extreme power producer. Ridgeback provides more support at center-face for increased ball speeds and a highly advanced feel. This steel spine within the carbon crown acts as a brace to produce more power on center hits. Bracing the center of the face also allows greater face flex in the heel and toe areas meaning off-center hits achieve greater power. Dual Carbon Wings Tour Edge engineers designed Ridgeback to replace extra steel from the crown and sole with wrap-around Dual Carbon Wings that create more weight savings for a precise CG location. The weight savings from the use of these Carbon Wings is then moved to the ideal location to help create the optimal low-rearward CG position that produces an extremely high M.O.I. to increase stability at impact. It also helps to optimize launch angles without increasing spin. This is by far the most carbon fiber to be featured on the crown of an Exotics fairway metal. Diamond Face 2.0 Technology Diamond Face 2.0 features five different thicknesses in an interweaving pattern, compared to the three different thicknesses used previously. The new Diamond face 2.0 also features a face thickness reduction of over 20% at the extreme perimeters of the face. There are a total of 61 Diamond shapes featured on Diamond Face 2.0 on the Exotics C721 Fairway Metal. This is 41% more diamond shapes than Diamond Face 1.0 on the previous fairway metal. The increase in Diamond Face coverage to the extreme heel and toe and of the fairway metal dramatically increases ball speed on off-center hits. The decrease in overall thickness of the face also saved five grams of weight, which was able to be relocated to the lowest part of the clubhead. Adjustable Rear Backweight A 10-gram adjustable back weight at the extreme rear of the clubhead strategically positions a perfected CG location and optimizes the M.O.I. properties of the C721 clubhead. The M.O.I. raising backweight combined with the advances made with Ridgeback and Diamond Face 2.0 create a full-face increase in forgiveness and speed with extreme resistance to twisting at impact to enhance distance with tighter dispersion on off-center hits. Custom individual weights (5, 15 and 18-gram weights) and a complete weight kit containing all three weights for the C721 fairway metal will be available for purchase. Hyper-Steel Cup Face/17-4 Stainless Steel Body The C721 Fairway Metals are made with a new Hyper-Steel that is lighter and stronger than its predecessor. This allows for more weight to be positioned in the center of the sole and the rear of the clubhead to create a unique combination of ease of launch and low spin. Sound Diffusion Panels Five different Sound Diffusion Panels placed strategically inside the club head vastly improve acoustics and to enhance the richness of the sound produced. This new level of sound and feel achieved with the Exotics C721 Fairway Metal is unlike anything else due to Ridgeback, Carbon Wings and the Sound Diffusion Panels working in concert together.


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