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Discount Cobra RADSPEED Combo Iron Set Online

Cobra RADSPEED Combo Iron Set

Cobra RADSPEED Combo Iron Set

Cobra RADSPEED HybridsThe RADSPEED™ Hybrid features front-biased internal RADIAL WEIGHTING and an external back weight to deliver more

Cobra RADSPEED HybridsThe RADSPEED™ Hybrid features front-biased internal RADIAL WEIGHTING and an external back weight to deliver low spin, high launch and forgiveness.FRONT-BIASED RAD WEIGHTING Two 6g internal front RAD weights (12g total) and a 7g back weight combine to deliver ultra low spin with high launch and forgiveness.HOLLOW SPLIT RAILS Hollow rails in the front create 70% more flex from heel to toe for higher launch and more speed.FORGED FACE A forged insert is thinner and more flexible to create faster ball speeds and higher launch for greater stopping power into greens.BAFFLER RAILS Two Baffler ® sole rails prevent digging and allow the club to glide effortlessly out of tight lies, thick rough, and even bunkers.COBRA CONNECT This club is equipped with a COBRA CONNECT Smart Grip powered by Arccos Golf. Download the Arccos Caddie app to receive a FREE 90-day trial that will track your on-course performance and provides in-depth strokes gained analysis. See app for details.Cobra RADSPEED IronsThe RADSPEED™ irons represent a significant leap forward in golf innovation. A breakthrough in weighting technology is combined with the first application of 3D printing in golf club design, setting the bar for performance and technology higher than ever before. EXTREME HEEL AND TOE WEIGHTING 10g and 3g of mass is positioned on the toe and heel extremities to create the best combination of speed, low spin and stability for optimized performance. TUNED RAD WEIGHTING A 10g weight positioned low and in the toe area centers the CG and adds stability for more distance and forgiveness on off-center hits. FORGED PWRSHELL FACE A forged face insert is made of a thin 17-4 stainless steel, and is designed to increase flex in and around the Sweet Spot for faster ball speed and higher launch. 3D PRINTED MEDALLION 3D printing offers unlimied complexity in design, allowing us to produce an intricate lattice medallion structure that saves weight and fine-tunes feel.SpecificationsCLUBLOFTHEAD VOLUMNLIE ANGLECONNECT LENGTHLENGTHSWING LENGTHSHAFTFLEXRH/LH2H17.0°119cc57.50°41.75"41.50"D0S, R, ARH3H19.0°119cc58.00°41.00"40.75"D0S, R, ARH/LH4H21.0°119cc58.50°40.25"40.00"D0S, R, ARH/LH5H24.0°119cc59.00°39.50"39.25"D0S, R, ARH/LH CLUBLOFTLIE ANGLEOFFSETCobra Connect LENGTHLENGTHGRAPHITE SWING WEIGHTSTEEL SWING WEIGHTGRAPHITE FLEXSTEEL FLEXHAND419°62.00°5.439.50"39.25"D0D1S, R, AS,RRH/LH521°62.50°4.638.75"38.50"D0D1S, R, AS,RRH/LH624°63.00°3.938.00"37.75"D0D1S, R, AS,RRH/LH727.5°63.50°3.237.50"37.25"D0D1S, R, AS,RRH/LH832°64.00°2.637.00"36.75"D0D1S, R, AS,RRH/LH937°64.50°2.036.50"36.25"D0D1S, R, AS,RRH/LHPW42.5°65.00°1.536.25"36.00"D1D2S, R, AS,RRH/LHGW48°65.00°1.036.00"35.75"D2D3S, R, AS,RRH/LHSW54°65.00°1.035.75"35.50"D2D3S, R, AS,RRH/LH


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