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Discount JuCad Travel Carbon Electric Golf Push Cart Online

JuCad Travel Carbon Electric Golf Push Cart

JuCad Travel Carbon Electric Golf Push Cart

JuCad Carbon Travel Electric Golf Cart This carbon electric trolley in the elegant JuCad design is built in an elaborate more

JuCad Carbon Travel Electric Golf Cart This carbon electric trolley in the elegant JuCad design is built in an elaborate production process of a carbon fibre composite material. Thanks to its extremely robust full carbon frame, which was specially designed by us for the particular demands on the golf course, this trolley features absolute stability despite its low weight of only 12.8 lbs. The JuCad Carbon Travel trolley has a second push-fit connection to achieve the mini packing size of 26.6 x 13.8 x 5.9 inches. It is an ideal air travel companion and can be stowed in the JuCad Travelcover together with your golf bag ñ you travel only with a single piece of luggage. The stepless speed control, the automatic preset distance function and the quiet all-wheel drive train with its two high-performance motors make every round of golf a pleasurable experience. The JuCad remote control is an available option and would avoid unnecessary walking distances for an even more enjoyable round of golf. Features: JuCad Carbon Travel Electric Golf Cart  • Frame: Ultra-light weight high tech material frames available in carbon fiber, titanium or stainless steel; easily detachable frame components for revolutionary small packing size of only 25.6 x 13.8 x 5.9”; fully adjustable handle  • Speed Control: Rechargeable Li-Io Remote Control(forward, reverse, left, right, Stop) with On/Off switch, safety shut-down and 10, 20, 30 timed advance function;Seamless manual Rheostat Control with Neutral, Forward, Reverse (titanium only) settings  • Motors: 2 independently controlled, high precision, super quiet, invisible electric motors  • Drive Train: Rear Wheel Drive, Dual Stainless Steel Gears and drive train components, Dual independent transmission, Free Wheeling when off power; Automatic speed adjustment cruise control/brake/”Tempomat” for consistent speed during downhill and uphill operation  • Battery: Power: 24V, 22Ah Lithium-Ion battery good for 36 holes/charge and 500+ charging cycles , Dimensions:7.25 x 3.25 x 3” Weight: 4.2 Lbs  • Net Weight Battery: 4.2 lbs, Total Net Weight: 12.1 Lbs (titanium), 12.8 Lbs (carbon), 15.9Lbs (stainless steel)  • Speed: 5.5 m/h (9.0 km/h)  • Distance/Range: 36 Holes/12 Hours  • Max Load: 100 Lbs  • Climbing Ability: 30 degrees  • Dimensions Unfolded: Length: 29.1 (handle folded), Width: 26.4", Height: 30.7" (handle folded)  • Dimensions Folded/Packed: Length: 25.6", Width: 13.8", Height: 5.9"  • Rear Wheels: Air cushioned, special composite rubber tires, High precision stainless steel quick release mechanism, Diameter: 11 5/8”, Anti-Tip Wheel Assembly included  • Front Wheel: Airless, rubberized tread, Tracking Adjustment  • Materials: Frame: Carbon fiber, titanium or stainless steel, stainless steel key components, high strength composite wheels  • Colors: Frame: Multiple color combinations (Carbon); Silver/titanium only (Stainless Steel & Titanium); Wheels, Tires, Scorecard Holder & Umbrella available in multiple colors for all models  • Free Included Accessories: Scorecard Holder, umbrella incl. umbrella holder, cup holder, travel bag  • Optional Accessories: GPS holder, seat, JuCad golf bag, golf caps/visors  • Warranty: 2 Years on components and electronics incl. battery, 5 Years on Frame The Exclusive Trolley - Handmade in Germany JuCad (pronounced "UCad") caddies are hand and custom made in Germany at the highest quality standards with high tech materials and aerospace precision, resulting in a product with exceptional functionality and value. Established in 1980 Jutec Biegesysteme GmbH is a family owned business located in Limburg, Germany with a long tradition in tubular metal forming and assembly at state-of-the-art levels. The design and construction of JuCad golf trolleys embody this wealth of experience in looks, function, quality and performance and have made JuCad a long term market leader in Germany and throughout Europe. JuCad caddies are now available in partnership with Bat-CaddyÆ the North American leader for electric motorized golf push carts. These super-light and strong electric caddies offer you a maximum of flexibility, durability, aesthetic beauty and performance. With packing sizes of as small as 25.6 x 13.8 x 5.9“ JuCad caddies fit into the smallest sports car trunk or even can travel together with your golf clubs in a travel cover. With a total weight of only 12.1 lbs, incl. a high performance Lithium-Ion battery,they are amongst the ligthest caddies in the world. The two high precision motors are synchronized and virtually noiseless and are integrated into an extremely thin axle with no cables visible, making the JuCad virtually indistinguishable from a manual push cart. Remarkable operational features include: seamless rotary speed control, drive/neutral switch, automatic pre-set distance control (10, 20, 30m), integrated cruise control with automatic electronic brake/acceleration when going downhill or uphill, rechargeable lithium ion remote control with On/Off switch, belt clip and safety shut-down when caddy gets out of range. JuCad caddies also have a seamlessly height adjustable handle, folding and turning bag supports, freewheeling capability and durable air cushioned tires. The wheels are made of a high strength composite, and the caddies can be individually customized with a large choice of colors for frame, wheels and tires making them an engineering piece of art. A useful set of high quality accessories are also included. To top it off JuCad offers a 5 year warranty on the entire frame. Here are the features and benefits summarized: Super-light, strong and durable frames and components made out of titanium, carbon fiber or stainless steel Powerful, quiet, precision, miniaturized electric motors Cables, wires, electronics integrated into frame and invisible Simple manual operation due to seamless rotary speed control, Drive/Reverse/Neutral switch and pre-set distance control Remote operation via rechargeable compact lithium-ion remote control featuring On/Off switch, pre-set distance control, safety shut-off function and convenient belt clip Smart cruise control function with electronic brake preventing acceleration of the caddy going downhill High performance super light lithium-ion battery, incl. charger rated for 500+ charges Freewheeling capability Extremely strong composite wheels with interchangeable air cushioned tires Height adjustable handle bar and foldable bag supports Extremely light weight: 12.1 lbs (titanium), 12.8 lbs (carbon), 15.9 lbs (stainless steel) Compact packing size: 25.6 x 13.8 x 5.9" Custom color choices for frame, wheels and tires High end accessories included: umbrella, cup holder, scorecard holder, travel bag. Additional accessories available. 5 Year warranty on frame


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