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Discount The Perfect Putter Premium Pack Golf Putting Aid Online

The Perfect Putter - Premium Pack - Golf Putting Aid

The Perfect Putter - Premium Pack - Golf Putting Aid

The Perfect Putter - Premium Pack Learn how to read greens, and start making more putts! More than 40% of the shots a more

The Perfect Putter - Premium Pack Learn how to read greens, and start making more putts! More than 40% of the shots a golfer hits in a round are struck with the putter. Every golfer knows that putting is the most important part of the game. It is essential to understand how critical it is to properly read greens. The Perfect Putter Premium Pack comes with The Perfect Putter device together with the extension for long range putts, the stand for more stability, 4 different gates sizes for practicing your drills and a carrying bag. Manufactured 100% with the highest quality non-corrosive 316 stainless steel. It is 20" tall x 20" long. Good for putts up to 21 feet... Great putting is characterized by matching speed with intended line. This makes a golfer's green reading ability the most crucial factor in holing putts! The Perfect Putter is a patented device that generates a Perfect roll every time! It can also work as a Stimpmeter. The number “0” on the side will give you an estimate speed of the greens. This putting tool will show you and teach you how to determine the perfect line and perfect speed for your putts  Features: The Perfect Putter - Premium Pack   • Start reading putts properly  • Gain more confidence  • Hit better putts  • Make more putts  • Lower your score  • Make more putts Read the break of your putt Align the device on the direction you want the ball to start Place the ball on the number according to the distance from the hole Release the golf ball Watch the ball go in the hole! Mark the spot where the ball left the Perfect Putter track. Then, try it with your putter. Check it before use: Golf balls need to be clean Whenever you use The Perfect Putter make sure your golf balls are clean so factors such as sand, grass clippings, water, or mud won't affect the roll... Silicone tracks clean and snug Make sure the silicone tracks on The Perfect Putter are clean and snug to the metal track. This is a key factor to get the Perfect roll every time. The Perfect Putter works well without the silicone although there is a 15% difference in distance. For longer putts... For longer putts, it is recommended to use the stance to give the Perfect Putter more stability. For more stability... Stick a couple of tees in The Perfect Putter eyelets to stabilize it. Perfect Putter Laser Add On A great add on to The Perfect Putter. This 5mW 532nm green laser allows you to know where the device is aligned in seconds. It gives you the ability to trace the line up and down all the way to the hole without the necessity of having a backboard and it works great outside on bright sunny days. It attaches to the back stand making it really easy to put it in and out. It comes with a 16340 3.7v rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charger. Testimonials   "The Perfect Putter is the best training tool I've ever seen on the PGA Tour. All these years, I thought I needed to work on my stroke to be a more consistent putter. After using The Perfect Putter, I have realized that aim and speed have so much more to do with putting than the actual stroke. The Perfect Putter had helped me visualize the breaking putts that sometimes give me trouble and it helps me set up drills to do that help me to aim properly. After using the perfect putter each session, I walk off the putting green with confidence that I can start the ball online. Truly the best tool I've seen and I never practice putting without it" Harris English - PGA Tour Player "I was introduced to The Perfect Putter at the 2015 Players Championship. I could immediately tell this device was going to change the way I practiced and could only improve my green reading and visualization. The H alignment aid ensured that I was going to have Perfect Practice! I cannot sing the praises of this device enough. Anyone who is serious about improving their putting should have one" Sean O'Hair - PGA Tour Player - 4 Time PGA Tour Winner "I have been using The Perfect Putter for a couple of months now and it has become a very import ant tool during my practices. It allows me to test my green reading ability, work on my visualization and the feedback is instant, I love how multifaceted it is. I get a lot of confidence when I see my green reading abilities improve. The Perfect Putter is a must have for every golfer, everybody will improve." Carlos Ortiz - 2014 Money Leader / 3 Time champion / 2015 PGA Tour Member "The Perfect Putter is a fantastic product. It takes reading greens to a complete different level. In fact, if you are trying to read a green without it is as if you were handcuffed. It is a superb, a must have device that should have been around when I was playing for a living." Martin Hall - Host of the TV show ┬«School of Golf┬«on the Golf Channel. 2008 PGA National Teacher of the Year


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