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Discount The Plane Perfect Golf Machine Academy Model Online

The Plane Perfect Golf Machine Academy Model

The Plane Perfect Golf Machine Academy Model

The Plane Perfect Golf Machine The Plane Perfect Golf Machine is the most complete training system ever more

The Plane Perfect Golf Machine The Plane Perfect Golf Machine is the most complete training system ever developed for golf! Using your own clubs it guides you on a perfect swing plane and path every single swing and will engrain muscle memory quicker than any form of practice available. The Patent Pending Designof the Plane Perfect Golf Machine is extremely versatile and will adjust to fit all swing types and teaching styles. All adjustments can be made in seconds and once you choose the setup that is perfect for you, practicing your perfect swing with or without hitting balls will make you a more consistent golfer in a very short time. Using your own clubs (steel shafts suggested) the patent pending design of the flat rear guide sets your club to the correct lie angle for each club selected, giving you a correct address position. The flat rear guide keeps the club on the correct path during back swing eliminating a too inside or too outside back swing. The flat rear guide also keeps the club on the plane that was selected for each golfer( flat to any degree of upright). The guide then transitions to the PVC guides that can be set to 1-plane or a 2-plane swing. The guides keep club from crossing the target line at top and an adjustable stopper can set the length of the desired back swing. On the down swing the guides eliminate an over the top swing. The guides transition back to the flat rear guide and creates a perfect on plane downswing inside to out and returns the club to the correct lie angle at impact position. The guides continue back to inside after impact and the club exits the machine to allow a natural unobstructed follow through. The width of the guides is adjustable to accommodate pros to beginners. The narrower the width is set the more precise the swing plane will be.  The Plane Perfect Golf Machine adjusts to all of the following:   • Golfers 5'5" to 6'5"  • All Clubs Driver to Wedge  • Flat and upright swing plane and any degree in between  • 1 or 2 plane swings  • Beginners to professionals  • Golfers fitted with 1* to 2* degrees flat or upright clubs    The Plane Perfect Golf Machine does all of the following   • Aligns and sets you up in a perfect address position for each club.  • Creates a perfect on plane takeaway with the correct path to the halfway point with butt of club pointing at target.  • Continues on plane throughout back swing to the top promoting a full shoulder turn and full extension of arms.  • Prevents past parallel back swing with adjustable slider at top; helps you work on shortening or lengthening your back swing.  • Prevents across the line by keeping club pointed at target at the top of swing.  • Brings club back on a perfect plane and on a perfect inside to out downswing to impact and back inside after impact.  • Returns club back to impact position keeping hands from getting to far away from the body and squares club with ground at impact preventing toe or heel deep divots.  • Allows full unobstructed natural follow through.  • Adjusts fully for several types of swings and body types, including flat, upright, 1 plane, 2 plane and any combination of planes.  • Uses your own clubs. (steel shafts suggested)  • Engrains muscle memory quicker than any other way of golf training and maintains your perfect swing with continual use because lets face it consistency is what makes the difference between a good golfer and the great golfer.  The Plane Perfect Golf Machine is delivered with the following:   • Assembly manual (requires only 15 minutes)  • Instructional manual and DVD for adjustments and use  • Wheels for easy transporting  • Stakes for securing on grass  • Mounts for optional permanent placement on cement pad  • Lock for preventing use while absent  • Special tee for grass use  • 60 Day limited warranty Avid Golfer The Revolutionary Plane Perfect Golf Machine is the most complete Golf Training System ever developed and is available to the serious golfer for home use. You can own the same system that is being used by golf academies, teaching professionals and playing professionals around the world. The Plane Perfect Golf Machine is the quickest way for a high handicapper to learn a correct swing and a mid to low handicapper to make a swing change due to the consistency of repeating the exact swing over and over engraining muscle memory. There is no better way to maintaining a perfect swing other than having a Plane Perfect Golf Machine available in your garage or backyard to use whenever you choose.   The Plane Perfect Golf Machine is perfect for every level of golfer from beginner to Touring Pro and comes with Instructional DVD.   • Improves a beginner golfer that knows nothing about the swing and starts them out with a correct feeling of the swing.  •  Improves average golfers by eliminating the most common problem of over the top swing and creates a perfect inside to out to inside swing.  • Improves good golfers to professionals working on any swing change including alignment, setup, steeper, shorter, wider, more shoulder turn, prevent across the line, 1 plane, 2 plane, impact position and most importantly helps consistency by repeating the same swing over and over.  • Adjusts to most swing theories, preferences and body types.  • Locks easily to prevent use for safety while absent.  • Optional permanent mount for security.  • Transports easily with supplied wheels.  • Disassembles quickly to store or move to different locations. (will fit in a pickup truck)  Testimonials "The Plane Perfect Machine develops a correct repeatable golf swing quicker than anything out there. It not only gives the student the correct swing mechanics for the plane of the golf swing but also engrains it by repeating the exact same swing each time. It is truly a solid teaching tool." Doug Erb PGA Professional Longboat Key Club


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