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Zelocity PureContact - The Radar

Zelocity PureContact - The Radar

Zelocity PureContact - Also Advertised as The Radar by Vijay Singh In the game of golf, knowledge breads confidence. The more

Zelocity PureContact - Also Advertised as The Radar by Vijay Singh In the game of golf, knowledge breads confidence. The PureContact from Zelocity gives you the confidence to hit the right club, execute the shot, and get the correct distance regardless of changing conditions. Pros know ball speed consistency is the critical measurement needed to achieve precise distance control in all environments. The Zelocity Pure Contact displays your ball speed and carry/total distance for each shot. The patented radar technology in the Zelocity PureContact has helped PGA Tour professionals realize victories and top 5 finishes. Amateurs are immediately taking strokes off their game with the Pure Contact. What if you knew the club to select for that 64 yard pitch shot over the water hazard or that 187 yard shot to that par 3 green? Stop guessing and start knowing the distance you hit with each club, with different swings in all climates and elevations. Zelocity's PureContact ball flight monitor will immediately help you improve your game. **The Zelocity PureContact has the latest Firmware which is 5.1 as of 2/4/09** PureContact Features: * Measured Ball Velocity * Carry Distance (yards or meters) * Measures Carry Distance for all Irons & Woods With The PureContact You Can: * Master your short game swings and corresponding distances * Improve your distance control and shot efficiency (wedge through driver) * Improve your club and ball selection * Improve the quality of your practice time and have more fun * Know the impact of temperature, elevation, and humidity on your shot distance * Gap your clubs and understand your distance by club  Features of the Zelocity PureContact   * Golf ball flight monitor with integrated Doppler-radar transceiver; patented technology; made in USA  * Shot data displayed on onboard unit display  * Displays Current Ambient Temperature  * Records shots ranging from 20 yards to 420 yards Carry Distance  * Unit displays distance readings in yards or meters (user selected defaulted to yards)  * Outputs: Ball Velocity & Carry Distance (user selected defaulted to Carry)    Product Details - Zelocity Pure Contact   * For use with right-handed and left-handed golfers with no adjustments  * No adjustments for any club  * Indoor or outdoor use; No calibration required, Can be used with a Hitting Net as little as 6 feet away.  * No setup; power on and start hitting  * Portable, compact design (Fits Easily in Golf Bag); comes complete with unit, rubber boot.  * Operates using 9-volt battery (not included); average life 6 hrs (Alkaline) 20 hrs (Lithium Ion)  * No maintenance required; 90 day factory warranty; repaired at factory  * One (1) year customer service included  * Rugged plastic enclosure in sturdy rubber boot with stand  * PureContact Unit: (H x W x D): 6" x 4" x 1" Weight: ~11oz  * The Latest Firmware as of 2/4/09: Firmware 5.1  * Click Here to Download The User Manual for The Zelocity PureContact


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